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How to Pick the Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats

CBD provides benefits to both humans and animals, and its use is becoming incredibly popular. CBD for dogs comes in oil form and dog treats. A CBD dog treat is considered a safe and natural alternative to harsh medications. They contain the same extract found in CBD oils and have a great taste that your…

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10 Reasons to Give Hemp Oil to Your Dog

Hemp oil for your dog

Hemp oil offers an array of health benefits to your dog, plus it’s all-natural. Using hemp oil to treat conditions in both humans and pets is becoming quite popular, and for good reasons. From fighting cancer and inflammation to relieving arthritis and skin allergies, hemp oil is truly a miracle natural medicine. Hemp oil is…

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Luna The Lab

Separation Anxiety

Luna suffers from separation anxiety, we gave her some of Charlies CBD chewable and it worked like a charm. The CBD has helped her feel calm and less stressed when we leave the house.

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