About Charlie's Chewables

Charlie’s Chewable’s purpose is simple:

To bring your pets’ health & wellness back to its natural roots.

Our organic products are made for all pets that are in need of medical relief.

We advise for our products to be handled by pet owners, but to be utilized under an adult’s supervision.

We are quality driven:

All our ingredients are hand-picked and crafted back to the early stages of our journey with Fresh Bro’s Healthy Supply Co.

We aren’t just a company, we are an embodiment of nature:

Being powered by Fresh Bro’s Healthy Supply Co. means that we take the appropriate quality control measures seriously, given that our team is farming and extracting the raw-material that is exclusively in all of our products.

FBHSC started from the soil 4 years ago as farmers and extractors, and truly know the hemp industry from its primitive stages of legality.

Charlie’s Chewable’s is a high-quality based brand, and stands as the pinnacle of the accumulation of knowledge and experience that Fresh Bro’s Healthy Supply Co. has garnered throughout the years as a staple company within the hemp industry. From the primal stages of controlling genetics to the personalized relief & therapy we give our animals, Charlie’s Chewable’s powered by Fresh Bros offers the most quality-controlled & cost-effective products on the market today that your pet needs.

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