Cannabis Oil For Dogs: What You Need to Know

CBD has made and still making headlines all over the world with its numerous health benefits. It may, however, interest you to note that pets such as dogs are now finding their ways into the mix.

Generally, there is no doubt that a wide array of CBD products are already in existence for humans. One may then begin to wonder if pet owners can also administer CBD products to their dogs in order to gain similar benefits as well as symptoms relief.

A simple and straightforward method of administering this cannabis extract products  to your dogs is through the CBD dog treats. And yes, it is made of the extract of industrial hemp present as the active ingredients.

Your furry friend can gain a whole lot of benefits from CBD dog treats in different ways. Whether the calming effect, anti-inflammatory effects, relieving anxiety or even alleviating pain, the benefits of CBD dog treats on your dogs cannot be underestimated or undermined.


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CBD Dog Treats: Things to Consider Before Purchasing CBD Oil for Your Dog

Are you that type of person that follows natural health closely? Chances are that you have heard of the exploding popularity of CBD dog treats. However, the prevalence of CBD products in various markets and stores comes with a plethora of sellers who offers low-quality CBD products in order to make some quick bucks.

Here, you’ll find the buying guide that’ll help you select the cannabis oil products that will make positive impacts on your dog’s health. Let’s get started:

Never Purchase a CBD Oil Products without Checking the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

A certificate of Analysis often referred to as COA contains the result of laboratory experiments and testing on a particular CBD product. Ideally, the certificate should display a relatively high amount of CBD and zero presence of THC. However, if you are not able to find a COA on the product labels or the CBD seller’s website, you shouldn’t consider purchasing that kind of product. After all, legitimate CBD oil brands will absolutely have nothing to hide.

Choose Nano-Sized Micro-emulsion CBD

The quality of CBD oil varies significantly. One of the determinants of quality and potency of CBD products is the method of emulsification. At least, many CBD oil products will boast of Liposomal Emulsion, but you should only opt for the ones with Nano-Sized Emulsion.

Standard Emulsion:

They are made of large particles with poor absorption rates. They are often of the lowest quality with lower prices.

Liposomal Emulsion:

They are made of smaller particles with good absorption rates. Their prices are a bit higher than CBD products with Standard Emulsion.

Nano-Sized Emulsion:

They are made of smaller particles with excellent rates of absorption. Obviously, only a few CBD brands produce such high-quality products.

Purchase Organic Hemp Products Only

As you are already aware, purchasing organic products is a matter of concern when it comes to some kinds of plants. This is because hemp tends to pull out toxins from the soil. This is the main reason why choosing a CBD dog treat made of organic hemp product is absolutely crucial. Once you discover that a product isn’t organic, you need to simply move away to select a better alternative.


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Beware of Products Labelled only as “Hemp Oil.”

Many of the manufactures of CBD products often skirt regulations by not putting the word “CBD” on the labels of their products. They tend to feature “hemp oil” as against “CBD.” If the amount of hemp cannot be verified on a particular CBD product, then you don’t have to purchase such products. In addition, you should also verify this information and locate it especially on the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of the seller.

More so, you need to be aware of the significant differences between “Hemp Seed Oil” and Hemp Oil with CBD.” However, hemp oil with CBD is a perfectly acceptable medium because it usually contains added CBD, but hemp seed oil doesn’t contain sufficient CBD for it to be therapeutic.

Watch Out for CBD Dog Treats with Low Prices, They May Be a Red Flag

If you are able to find out that the price of a particular CBD oil is significantly lower than others, chances are that the specific CBD brand is cutting corners on quality. It also implies that the amount of CBD contained in that products is meager.

Select Products with “No Detectable” THC

While all CBD derived from hemp usually contains a relatively low amount of THC (below 3%), it is strongly advisable to purchase the ones with absolutely zero detectable THC as revealed by the COA.

Usually, dogs tend to react differently to THC as compared to humans. However, a THC under 3% can never make a human “high,” but the traces of THC can have an adverse effect when administered on small animals. Again, you should check for all this information on the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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