CBD Oil for Pets: Is It For Your Furry Friend?

At some point, you'll discover that your furry friend is battling with some diseases and illnesses over an extended period or even years. Probably, you’ll need to try out something that can make your pet get much better. However, you might have heard about a novel treatment, and that’s CBD oil for canines.

Cannabidiol is a substance that is derived from the hemp plant, and it has continued to feature in most headlines for its effectiveness in treating pains, depression, anxiety, and even cancer in humans. However. CBD oil has emerged as something pet owners also found effective in treating pet-related diseases and illnesses.

Naturally, you might have seen or heard cases where pets owners are feeding their pets with cannabis, and you may be contemplating whether it is safe or not. Now, consider this... Humans have the same endocannabinoid system as other animals, and such is present in animals like reptiles, birds, and even invertebrates.

Provided with the fact that there are myriads of diseases and illnesses attributed to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD), a condition that can be treated with CBD. Researches have also revealed that the deficiency of endocannabinoid also plays a significant role in various diseases and disorders that affect pets.


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CBD Oil for Pets: Health Benefits

Over the years, researchers are shifting their attention to cannabis and other herbs. And just as CBD oil is beneficial to humans, your pets might also stand a chance of reaping some of those health benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of the health benefits of CBD oil on your pets:

CBD Oil is Powerful Painkiller:

A study conducted in 1997 and published in the European Journal of Pharmacology reveals that endocannabinoid is one of the body systems that functions genuinely when it comes to managing pains. Nowadays, CBD has remained popular for its painkilling properties. Obviously, the process of managing pains with CBD can be in different ways.

Firstly, studies reveals that CBD can temporarily inhibit the absorption of anandamide, which is a chemical that dampens the signals of pains that are present in the brain. This gradually increases the amount of anandamide, and it can result in numerous other effects, and one of them is reducing pain sensations.

Secondly, CBD has potent anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, when your pet battles with arthritis, CBD helps to reduce the inflammation caused as a result of this condition. Apart from that, CBD also helps to minimize the possible symptoms of arthritis significantly.

CBD functions as an Anticonvulsant:

Apparently, one of the most widely known medicinal use of CBD oil is its ability and effectiveness when it comes to controlling tics, spasms, seizures, and tremors. This is due to the presence of natural anticonvulsants.

Various studies indicate the effectiveness of both CBD and THC in managing spasticity caused as a result of multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, research also suggests the significance of CBD oil in the management of tics, tremors and a host of other conditions that affect your pets.

CBD Increase Appetite and Helps Fight Nausea:

If you discover that one of your pets isn’t able to eat, CBD may be of great help. The United States National Cancer Institute reports that CBD has a very significant effect when it comes to an increase in appetite. Studies also reveal that CBD when applied on dogs and other pets can help with nausea and vomiting. So, CBD works efficiently in increasing appetite while also helping with nausea in your pets.

CBD Reduces Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease:

CBD has been found to inhibit the rate of production as well as the release of inflammatory cytokines in pets. This is because inflammatory cytokines can cause autoimmunity, hypersensitivities, and allergies. Apart from that, it can also function exceptionally well in suppressing the primary cause of autoimmune diseases.

More so, CBD also decreases the rate of production of inflammatory macrophages while also inhibiting chronic inflammation in your pets. This is due to the powerful antioxidants present in the CBD.

CBD May Lower Tumor Growth in Pets:

Cancer and a host of other malicious tumors are commonly found in pets, and they may prove to be fatal in some cases. Until now, researchers have never been able to discover any known cure for cancer. Many of the treatment options usually focus on reducing the rate of growth of those malicious tumors while also slowing down pains and other associated symptoms.

Obviously, the most widely known treatment for cancer and malicious tumors in pets is chemotherapy. Unlike in human beings, chemotherapy can, however, produce a wide range of adverse effects. Some of these include loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, tiredness and many more.

However, recent studies have proven that cannabinoids such as CBD can have anti-cancer effects. This is done by increasing the rate at which cancerous cells absorb chemotherapy agents while also protecting the healthy cells in the pet’s body. Numerous studies are ongoing to explore the use of CBD oil and other cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer and a host of other issues relating to pets.

CBD Oil for Dogs Is Legal and Safe

With numerous studies and research evidence supporting the health benefits of CBD Hemp oil, the interesting result is that CBD oil is legal and safe, and even when administered in high doses for an extended period.

CBD oil can, however, decrease the activity of enzymes present in the liver that are used in metabolizing other prescribed drugs. If your pet is presently on some medications, you are required to seek the consent of your veterinary doctor before using CBD on them.

Now, here is the bottom line. CBD oil could remain as both a healthy and life-saving herb for your pet. Many holistic veterinaries are rapidly extending their breath towards its diverse health benefits. Remember, not all CBD Oils are the same. So, you’ll need to get the high-quality ones that works.

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